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    Steenbergen BV is a logistic service provider that specialises in 24-hour distribution of shipments within the Benelux. In addition, you can always entrust us with shipments for the whole of Europe.

    Since its establishment in Bodegraven (the Netherlands) in 1907, Steenbergen BV has developed into a big player in the national and international transport sector, employing over 300 active employees and deploying some 250 transport units by road on a daily basis. As Steenbergen BV has its own fully-certified garage, its fleet of vehicles is in excellent condition at all times. Steenbergen BV's staff are expert professionals, as the company provides internal and in-service training on the latest safety and quality requirements.

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    Over many years, we have gained experience in the logistic sector and we have specialised in particular in automotive parcels - and pallet distribution. Additionally, ADR shipments are transported according to the latest requirements.

    Its appropriately diversified fleet of vehicles enables Steenbergen b.v. to deliver your shipments correctly in densely populated regions and elsewhere. Its use of a sophisticated planning package enables Steenbergen b.v. to guarantee specified delivery times. But Steenbergen b.v. offers more than just specialised distribution, as it also provides for the storage of your goods. Steenbergen b.v. offers a range of storage locations and has no difficulty in storing all your goods.

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    Steenbergen b.v.'s headquarters are located in Bodegraven (the Netherlands) and it has 5 establishments distributed across the Netherlands and Belgium. This strategic positioning enables Steenbergen b.v. to deliver all your shipments at the lowest cost throughout the Benelux within 24 hours.

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  • The world of logistics is changing rapidly so we have to combine outstanding services with competitive prices.

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